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I Used to Think (the ladder), 2021

wax paper, typewriter ink, king gold, wax


18 x 33 cm


Realised 5/08/21 while listening to New Order’s True Faith as it came on bFM during the midday hour. A poem written on wax paper in response to a book I read when in Wellington in the last week of July (THE POEM IS LIKE A SCULPTURE MADE OF WORDS). Covered in gold and pinned to our flat ladder with a thumbtack that belongs to Haydn and displayed in the studio out the back for an afternoon.


Signed FW, 202 1/2


The work must be experienced in the cool of the day with the breeze and the light and hence cannot be photographed or represented here in its entirety.


Text reads:


I used to think the ladder

was strong enough to climb

each rung a light extinguished

each nail slowly shrinking


but I was so much older then


I have found my cool-drip is not enough

to carry me waking, or sleeping

or no-place in-between


so let me travel downwards

through the fog and hovering mist

to the Place Where it All Began


and as I climb on down the faces become soft

a breath of stranger kindness ____

a whisper of welcome to


The Promised Land

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