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on listening-with practices

_____________ the post office has been stolen, and the mailbox is locked (Dylan 1:12). 

12 postcards presented as a digital album in response to Quiñones argument for focussed attention on 'listening with' practices in recorded music scholarship (169).

Each 'postcard' is written for the person(s) with whom a listening experience has been shared, both recently and over the past few years. Listening environments and companions are reflected in fragments of light contained in each photograph. All photographs remain property of the artist with the exception of the first in the album, Gary Baignet's Kiwi Tavern (1969), the original of which has been photographed from the artist's bedroom wall where it is has been tacked for the past five years. 

April 2022, Media 229

Works Cited 

Quiñones, Marta Carcía. "“Listen To This!” The Practice of “Listening-With” to Recorded Music and the Affective Construction of Musical Taste" Making Music, Making Society edited by Josep Martí and Sara Revilla. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018. pp. 169-190.

Dylan, Bob. “Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again.” Blonde on Blonde. Columbia Studio A, 1966. 

Please select a postcard to expand and read the text. 

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